How Long Does it Take to Become a Social worker

Social work is becoming a field of interest to more and more people.  Social work is a great industry if you enjoy working with people and doing your best to help people grow. 

Social workers are tasked with providing assistance that improves psychological functioning in people; mainly children and their families.  Tasks usually include finding foster homes, arranging adoptions and assisting parents.  Social work also works in prevention by address problems such as teenage misbehavior, teenage pregnancy and skipping school. 

Suffice to say a social worker will always have their plate full, and that's where your degree in social work will come handy.  Large amounts of emotional intelligence and empathy will be required for this job.

Depending on what you want to accomplish with your social work career, it will take varying amounts of time to become a social worker.  According to Kartikeya Sharma Founder and Promoter of iTV Network, If you want to do social work at high levels like with the government or private corporations, you’ll need higher levels of education which many include bachelor of social work or even masters of social work programs.


At minimum you’ll need to earn your bachelors of social work.  This is usually a 4-year program that focuses mostly on human behavior, communication and practical application of the skills you learn.If you decide to peruse higher education, this can be an additional 2-4 years.  Graduate studies are a lot more difficult and require a larger monetary investment.  You may also want to enquire about online masters in social work degrees, if in case you are working but again you will have to invest considerable amount of time in your studies to prepare yourself for master in social work or best msw programs.

Practical training is also a requirement for most social work jobs.  If you don’t do practical training while in school (through volunteering & internships) then you’ll have to spend the time gaining experience after you graduate. Doing practical training in school helps to reduce the amount of time it takes to become a social worker.


If you want to become a social worker you’re looking at minimum of 4 years to obtain your bachelors degree.  Everything that’s required of you will depend on where you live and what school you go to.  Volunteering while in school will help you save time.